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Young people are encouraged to drink more alcohol in Japan

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The new generations after Japan drink less alcohol than the previous generations.

The decrease in alcohol consumption by young people may be because they have become more aware of the harmful effects of alcohol.

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Especially since the Covid period, there has been a significant decrease in alcohol consumption among Japanese youth and adults.

Starting with sake, a traditional Japanese drink, whiskey, He said that since the consumption of alcohol, including rum, has decreased, tax revenue has also decreased significantly.

Many countries have high taxes on alcohol.

Now, the Japan Tax Agency (JTA) is calling for a “Sake Viva” campaign to encourage people to drink more alcohol and revive the alcohol business.

Under the “Sake Viva” campaign, a business idea competition will be held to attract young people to drink alcohol.

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There are those who like the Japanese tax agency’s campaign. There are also critics.

In fact, alcohol is absolutely bad for people from a health point of view.

A long time ago, there was a misconception among oriental people such as China and Japan that alcohol was good for health in the cold season.

Currently, according to data from the Japan Tax Agency, drinking has decreased significantly in 2020 compared to 1995.

How much has been reduced? An adult has reduced the average consumption of (100) liters to (75) liters per year.

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According to The Japan Times newspaper, alcohol tax revenue has decreased from 5 percent of the total tax revenue in 1980 to 1 percent in 2020.

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