Will the opening of international airlines revive tourism?

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As international airlines are allowed to land again, there is hope among businessmen that the hotel and tourism business, which was in crisis due to the global epidemic Kovid 19 and the military coup, will be able to resume.

The Military Council allowed international airlines that had been suspended for more than 2 years to resume landing on April 17, the first day of the Myanmar New Year.

A tour operator said that the current domestic situation and visa restrictions could not expect international tourists, but the resumption of airline flights could bring back jobs to tourism-related businesses.

“Instead of stopping like this, the airlines will start again, so at least there will be jobs for the ticketing agents. “Foreign tourists can’t expect it,” he said.

The Military Council has announced that before the re-opening of international airlines, 100 countries will issue electronic visas to foreigners who want to visit Myanmar for business purposes, as well as those who want to apply for visitor visas.

Foreigners who will be visiting Myanmar must be vaccinated against Covid-19 2 times within 2 weeks prior to their arrival, and must be tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours before arriving in the country. The military council has announced that a laboratory test will be required if there is no RT-PRC method.

In addition, they must purchase health insurance related to Covid-19 sold by the Myanmar insurance industry, and must spend 1 day in quarantine at designated hotels.

U Tin Myint, chairman of the Yangon Region Hotel Entrepreneurs Association, said, “It can be said that the hotel industry is in a red light to resume operations. “If there are no airlines, hotels will not be able to receive guests,” he told The Irrawaddy.

He said that as the current Military Council specifies that people arriving in Myanmar from abroad must stay in hotel quarantine for 1 day, it may bring back some work for hotels.

U Tin Myint continued, “We cannot expect guests who will come for pleasure. The guests who have to go on business matters will return,” he said.

The hotel and tourism industry has seen a decrease in foreign tourists since the end of 2019 when the global epidemic of Covid-19 began, and then in 2020 when the domestic epidemic began, many businesses were also shut down due to health restrictions.

Then, in 2021, we experienced a military coup again, and most of the businesses in the hotel and tourism sector were stopped, and hundreds of thousands of workers were unemployed.

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