Soborno Issac Bari

The Youngest Professor in the world

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“Soborno Issac Bari” was born in 2012. At 6 months old, he can speak complete sentences.

At the age of 2, difficult and complicated math, Solve physics and chemistry problems. At the age of 4, he received a letter of introduction from President Obama.

At the age of 6, he received invitations from the principals of Oxford and Harvard.

Soborno Issac Bari

He was able to meet and solve a variety of difficult theories in physics and chemistry. At the age of 8, he became the world’s youngest professor at the New York School University.

At 9 years old, he has now been nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2022. He wrote and published a book called The Love which is composed of love between humanity. He owns $3 million.

His father is a math lecturer and I follow Islam who known as the Einstein of the 21st century and he added Isaac to his name in honor of Sir Isaac Newton.

Soborno Issac Bari and his father

The youngest professor is planning to solve the problem soon among those who worry about mathematics.

I rejoice on behalf of the human race because a super human has emerged.

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