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The unrelenting perseverance of the weaver bird

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In a newsreel I saw an example of the tireless efforts of African weaver birds.

When I went to Jurong Birdpark in Singapore, I saw a yellow weaver bird building a nest in the Lory Loft.

Weaver bird in Myanmar is a bird that builds small baskets with exquisite craftsmanship.

weaver bird

For weaver birds in Africa, it is not easy to build a nest when the season comes.

These birds build their nests in large thorny thorn trees so that their nests cannot be easily attacked and destroyed by their enemies.

To build such a nest, the male birds first have to find a strong and suitable grass to use as a rope.

They don’t build nests out of dry wood. After building the nest, the female birds will check whether it is strong and whether the work is neat.

After getting your favorite grass, you have to grab and drag the thorn branch (2) in the air. Then they tied a branch with the grass they had picked up.

It is not easy to catch such a thorn branch (2) in the air. The thorn branch has come loose many times while entwining itself with the grass.

If you accidentally let it go, the thorn branch would hit the bird’s umbrella, so it would hurt you.

weaver bird

When tying two branches together, it is still necessary to tie them together in a suitable position to build a nest.

From the beginning, choose the right place. Choose the materials to build your custom nest.

After that, to build a nest, we still have to grab and pull the thorn branch.

Here, I praise the little weaver birds, no matter how bad the situation is, they never lose heart, they build it again and again until they get the shape they want.

In order to make a bird’s nest, we carry small dry branches and grass at a rate of “one flight at a time” and try to make the nest as compact as possible.

Whether the thorn branches fall off due to the wind, It’s not convenient, or the bird’s nest falls off while building.

weaver bird

In fact, nature gave them wings to fly (2), It has 2 legs to grasp and only one beak to patiently create the image you want.

We don’t have arms and legs like humans. But they have a “never give up until it’s done” mentality.

They must have “Mission Accomplished”. There is only the spirit that we must succeed in our mission.

To achieve such a mission, Focus is full of attention.

Perseverance – Unrelenting perseverance. There is a spirit of rebuilding so that it doesn’t fail many times.

Facing difficulties – until the nest he wants to build is successfully completed, he faces all kinds of difficulties without giving up.

Learning from mistakes – Learning from the mistakes that were made because I was not good enough.

weaver bird

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