Safari to become the world’s second most used browser

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Apple Safari has always mimicked Google Chrome, but it has not won. Safari has long been the world’s second most used browser on the global market. For now, Safari is likely to miss out on second place. According to StatCounter, Safari will be the world’s second most used web browser until January 2022. But its two Safari rival browsers, Firefox and Edge, are now close to second place.

Chorme has over 65% of its users worldwide. Safari has 9.84%, Microsoft Edge has 9.54%, and Firefox has 8.1%. Chrome is still the most used device in the world to date, and Firefox currently has 9.18% users.

As of January 2021, 10.38% of desktop users were using Safari. This suggests that Apple Safari is slowly losing ground to other competitors. If the number of users continues to decline, Safari is expected to reach third or fourth place in the next few months.


In the United States alone, Safari still beats Microsoft Edge by 18.12% vs. 12.09%. Safari, however, has dropped out of Europe as the world’s second most used browser. Safari works fine, but on the desktop you can install it on all operating systems except MacOs. The rest of the browsers are OS independent and can be installed on any OS.

Although Apple itself has not said exactly why the drop in users is expected, Safari will still have users because it is included by default on Apple devices. Last year, Apple made UI changes by combining the tab bar with the URL. However, due to some dissatisfaction with the update due to the update, we had to change back to the previous design and make the new design more customizable. But the decline in users is not the only reason.

Safari still needs some features compared to other browsers. Some are features that have been available in other browsers for a long time. Some web developers even call it “The New Internet Explorer” because it only works on MacOs and iOS. Apple says it will fix existing bugs and add new features.

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