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Nothing phone to come with a transparent body

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After parting ways with OnePlus, Carl Pai started a brand called Nothing. Nothing has released an earbuds called Ear 1. The difference is that transparent transparent elements are being used to penetrate the interior.

The smartphone, which will be launched by Nothing, will follow the design concept of Ear 1. It also comes with a transparent body, so you can charge your phone’s battery. The user should see the motherboard configuration and wireless charging coils. Nothing has been agreed with Qualcomm, so the Nothing Transparent phone will be a smartphone that will run on the Snapdragon platform.

Nothing phone

Carl, the founder of Nothing, also bought the brand patents from Essential. Essential is also a failed smartphone brand in the market for Andy Rubin, the father of Android. Karl’s owner says he is focused on innovative products that do nothing.

One of Karl’s goals is to create a smooth digital future that removes barriers between technology and people. After the release of the first product, the Ear 1 earphones from the Nothing brand, many are looking forward to Nothing’s smartphone.

Since last year, rumors have been circulating that nothing will be announced in early 2022 with a phone that will be able to see the inside out of Nothing. This phone will also be called Nothing Phone 1. The body frame and back cover will be integrated into a single material, which will use a transparent material that can see the interior. What you see in this article is Render design.

It is rumored to be launching in April and is expected to be as popular as Essential.

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