Thai Fish Paste

Nam Pha Ka Pai (Thai Fish Paste)

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Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

First, mash together a spoonful of Thai paste with a spoonful of garlic, a few dried shrimps, a piece of yellow palm, and a few green figs.

Thai Fish Paste

Add pepper and a squeeze of lemon. If you like it, add MSG if you like it. If you don’t like it, add more dried shrimp.

As for the kids, cook the chicken and fry it crispy and make it look beautiful.

Tempura-fried straw mushrooms and pork rinds.

Finely chop the bitter gourds, red beans, cabbage, thistles, bitter gourds, boil them in hot water for a few minutes, then drain them in cold water.

Thai Fish Paste

Cut the green mangoes beautifully.

Once everything is done, you will get a Thai fish paste called nam pak pai, which will make the rice look better by making a beautiful siri from the side of the fish paste.

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