LinkedIn launches its own podcast network

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LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned job search platform, has also entered the podcast world.

LinkedIn has announced the launch of the LinkedIn Podcast Network, as Internet streaming services become an important business venture. The LinkedIn Podcast Network will include the LinkedIn News Team’s own In-House Shows, as well as programs by celebrities from all walks of life, according to Engadget.

The shows, which will be featured on LinkedIn’s live broadcasts, are aimed at professional audiences and will focus on technology, technology and technology. It will focus on mental health management and recruitment. LinkedIn CEO and co-founder Reid Hoffman will also co-host a podcast on personal entrepreneurship called The Start-Up Of You.


The Start-Up Of You is set to launch later this spring. The LinkedIn Podcast Network is currently in beta testing. It was also the result of the success of the Hello Monday podcast, presented by Jesse Hampell and described on the nature of the job, broadcast on LinkedIn News.

LinkedIn’s podcast network includes the company’s Newsletters; Live Events It will also link to other products, such as videos and posts. Listeners of LinkedIn podcasts will be able to listen to podcasts directly on LinkedIn if they follow the host and their newsletter.

Podcast networks commonly provide creators with sponsorships, funding, production assistance, exposure, connections with industry contacts, and more to entice them to join. In exchange, creators will usually sign contracts guaranteeing the network a set production schedule, a revenue split, and shared creative control.

Show podcast shows on Apple Podcasts; It will also be available on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

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