Long March 5B

Huge Chinese Rocket Long March 5B

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The 21-ton Chinese missile could hit Earth anytime by the end of July.

The Long March 5B rocket is part of the Wentian space station, which was launched on Sunday to connect with the Tiangong space station.

Long March 5B

The missile weighs (21) tons and on July 31 GMT Between 22 hours before 7:30 am and 22 hours after arrival, it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere and crash on Earth.

(The meaning is centered on 7:30am GMT on the 31st and could crash 22 hours earlier – or 22 hours later.)

The problem is that it is impossible to predict exactly where on Earth it will crash.

If people residence It’s not easy if you crash on a vehicle.

It is said that this is the third time that this Chinese missile has fallen on the earth without control.

Long March 5B

Because there are more water areas and uninhabited areas on Earth than inhabited areas, there is less chance of falling on us.

However, if there is no control and disorganization, the risk is very high. The US space observatory network is said to be providing the latest status.

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