Dodge WC- 51

Dodge WC- 51 Jeeps used in Myanmar

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When the author was a child, Dodge cars can be found everywhere in Yangon. Transporting major items, moving house, All the heavy metal parts were moved, and the Dog Jeep was the main actor.

There was a Dog Jeep garage at the Yanking Moe Kung bus stop. There were a lot of new Dog Jeep workshops in the 12th and 13th Wards of Kambeg. Yanking, Kambeg, Kyak Gone, Taung Ukkala, and all the house changing shops had to rent a car at the Dog Jeep parking lot in front of the Kula Temple next to the Yanking Moe Kung Bus Station.

Dodge WC- 51

Around 4 o’clock in the morning, there is a regular dog jeep that leaves from Kambe Moe Kung, who is shopping at Kili in the city. If the bus doesn’t leave early in the morning, you can stop the Dog Jig market car at Rankin Road.

The back of the dog jeep is tall, so it takes a lot of effort to lift it up. There is usually a rope attached to the back of the car.

After the Second World War in 1945, when the American troops withdrew from Myanmar, military dog ​​jeeps were left all over Myanmar. Among the old military vehicles used by the Myanmar army and auctioned off, popular jeeps and dog jeeps were included.

WC Series Military Dodge (Dog Jeep) 4WD, ¾ Ton model WC-51 was produced by the American Dodge Fargo Company in 337,500 vehicles for the US military during World War II.

During 1940-42, the 4WD, ½ Ton model VC Series was produced, and later the more functional WC Series was produced.

During World War II, the Dodge car company primarily produced ½ Ton, ¾ Ton and 1 ½ Ton military trucks for the US Army. The WC Series is thought by many to be a Weapon Carrier, but actually refers to the W (1941) C (Nominal) minimum payload.

Dodge WC- 51

Founded in 1900 in the state of Michigan, Dodge is a military vehicle manufacturer that has been the main supplier of light trucks for the US military since World War I.

In the beginning, the company supplied the car engine and the lower part in the city of Detroit, the base of the American car industry, and released the first Dodge car in 1914. Dodge (Dodge WC Series) Some information.

Wheelbase: 116 inches

Tires: 750 x 16

Brake: Hydraulic

Engine: 6 cylinder, in-line, side valve.

Gear: Five (front four, rear)

Dodge Jeeps served with the U.S. military during the Korean War of 1950-53. Dodge Jeeps (WC Series) can be seen in World War II action movies and TV series.

The system has changed and Dog Jeeps have not been seen in Yangon for a long time. Due to the appearance of various Japanese dump trucks in the industrial zone, there are almost no users of Dog Jeeps left over from the war. When the government closed the license of old cars, Dog Jeeps completely disappeared from the streets of Yangon.


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