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Aung Lay, who cooks and sells steamed chicken and goat stew

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During the third wave of Covid-19, actor Aung Lay cooked and sold steamed chicken and goat stew by himself. The proceeds from the sale will be donated.

“Nowadays, the news about the third wave of Covid-19 is very sad. I will sell chicken stews together to strengthen everyone’s immune system.”

Aung Lay’s Facebook

“The profit from the sale of nutritional supplement chicken, Families who cannot buy food, households, I will donate steamed chicken and food to the centers.”

“If the fund raising works, I will try to donate to oxygen as much as I can. Let the guests who want to participate in the donation also be invited. Good luck, good luck, We will sell steamed chicken and goat stew to increase immunity. Let’s encourage and participate in charity,” said Aung Lay.

Medicinal chicken broth Steamed Burmese chicken and goat stew will be sold. Medicinal chicken meat must be ordered 2 days in advance.

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“Thank you very much to my friends who supported me yesterday. We get a lot of orders. I’m sure Make sure to add I will definitely send it to you. Since they are health food supplements, no sweeteners are used at all. Use it with confidence,” said Aung Lay.

Families who can’t buy food from the profit of the sale, He said that food will be donated to households and centers.

“Some friends have steamed chicken, There are some who buy a lot of goats and donate them. I will definitely donate. The profit from the sale is used for families who can’t afford to buy nutritional supplements, poultry, households, We will donate steamed chicken and food to the centers,” said Aung Lay.

steamed chicken

Aung Le continued that in this period, selling is both a job and a job. He said that the sale is to donate to the places that need it.

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