Ze Gwet Sein

An extraordinary 8-foot-long Ze Gwet Sein

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1318 – Ze Gwet Sein (1956) Father U Tun Thein, Born from Daw Nyein. She is the youngest daughter of four siblings, the other three being boys. His maiden name is Ma Khin Sein.

I had a strange dream before I was pregnant. I dreamed that a white elephant was crouching on the pillar of the front room. On the day of Owl Sein’s death, an elephant and an elephant leader came to see the body carefully.

Ze Gwet Sein

She was called Ze Gwet Sein because an owl came to rest on the railing of the hammock where he slept.

When Ze Gwet Sein was born, she was born and raised like a normal child, and from the age of five, she gradually grew. At the age of 12-years-old daughter, the news of her height spread to the whole country. He is eight feet tall and had to order shoes for him from Mye Farm.

Operates a raw lacquer industry in Bagan. The food is the same as what normal people eat. Eat three or four times a day. If it’s clothes, you can’t sew a single piece of linen. A shirt from three thousand linen. A long-sleeved shirt is sewn with about five feet of linen. A single piece of cotton has to be sewn six times.

Ze Gwet Sein

While making a pilgrimage to Lok Nanda Pagoda, visitors come to see the owl diamond as something special. Bystanders talk to him. Owl Sein spoke again. If asked to stand up, stand up.

She lost his sight at the age of 13. (14) When I went to Yangon for eye treatment, the doctor said it was due to high hormones. To walk outside the house, two tamarind trees in front of the house are strung together, and they have to walk by holding the rope. After losing his sight, he bent over. After that, you can’t do much traveling.

She donated umbrellas to the pagodas, including the Lokananda Pagoda. Children from the village once a month Twice boiled rice is always served.

Ze Gwet Sein

In the year 1341 (1979) of the Burmese year, he took a wrong bath and died due to poor health. He was 23 years old when he died. After his death, his body was donated to Mandalay Medical University. A memorial stone has been erected in the courtyard of the house where he lived during his bad life. On both sides of the stone pillar, Ma Ziek Chok Sein memorial stone, Born in 1318 1341-end 8 feet tall inscription can still be seen today.

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