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9 secrets to cook housewives still don’t know

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1. Vinegar

Vinegar has the ability to prevent rice rot. When the weather is hot, add a drop of vinegar and cook. Not only does it bring out the flavor of the rice, but it also prevents the rice from getting sticky.

2. beer

Don’t be upset because you can’t buy sweet rice. If the old rice in your house has been stored for a Fri time and is not as good as the new rice when cooked and has a bad smell, add a little beer to it when cooking. Then you will get rice with a sweet smell like rice.

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3. Peanut oil

If you don’t want to eat a lot of spilled rice, add a little salt and a little oil when cooking, mix it and cook it, and it will make you feel appetizing without the rice spilling.

4. Salt

When the remaining raw rice is reheated By adding a little salt and kneading. In addition to getting rid of bad smells, the rice is soft and gentle. Again, good to eat.

5. White alcohol (or rice alcohol).

When the power goes out while the rice pot is cooking, the rice is half-cooked and half-uncooked. When faced with such a time, add 2 tablespoons of white alcohol and stir to cook the rice completely. In other words, the rice is fed back in one run.

7. leek

If you dig up the rice while the rice is cooking, place a leek in the middle of the rice If you add it and cover it for a while, the smell of digging It heals like taking away.

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8. Tea

Where the raw water is cooked Add and cook normally. Not only is the flavor of the rice complete, but it is also nutritious. The tea has been saved. Use only liquid soap.

9. Olive oil

When cooking, add a little olive oil and cook the sugar in the rice. In addition to controlling the increase, the stomach cannot be disturbed. It is also suitable for patients with diabetes.

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