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10 things you should know about bird’s nests

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In this period of being surrounded by infections to strengthen the immune system to prevent disease for good lungs They are drinking bird’s nest to stay strong.

Is the bird’s nest really good? How does it benefit health?

What to be aware of when choosing and buying bird’s nest… When should you drink bird’s nest…

bird’s nests

Below is the answers to frequently asked questions about bird nests.

1. What is a bird’s nest?

It is a delicacy that has been enjoyed for many years. It is often included in traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Can the bird’s nest really strengthen the immune system?

Bird’s nest contains neutral energetic property, so it improves immunity. So it’s strong and rarely infects.

3. What substances are included in bird’s nest?

Bird’s nest is rich in Glycoprotein and Glucosamine. Carbohydrates Contains calcium and iron.

4. What is a bird’s nest good for?

The bird’s nest not only makes the immune system stronger and stronger
– Prevents colds and flu
– Speed up recovery in sick people
– Improves vision
– Improves lungs and kidneys
– Relieves asthma and chronic cough
– Clears phlegm
– Digestion
– Causes appetite
– Improves bone health

bird’s nests

5. Is bird’s nest good for beauty?

Bird’s nest contains collagen, making the skin firmer and more youthful. Less important.

6. At what age can you start drinking bird’s nest?

You can drink from the age of one year. Bird’s nest is a good supplement for growing children. Pregnant and lactating mothers can also drink it.

7. How do they eat bird’s nest?

A. They add it to soup and drink it as a diet.

8. When should I drink bird’s nest?

A. It is best to drink when there is no food in the stomach. Only then can the nutrients in it be absorbed well.

9. If you want to buy bird’s nest, what factors should you look at and choose?

You should buy a bird nest filter. It should be a trusted famous brand. No artificial flavor, No preservatives, You should choose without dyes. Even though it is sugar-free, it is convenient to use natural sweeteners to make the drink taste better.

10. How can I know if the bird’s nest has been checked?

Bird’s nest is expensive, so there are many fake ones in the market. Some say it’s just a bird’s nest. I have also heard that jelly is sold as bird’s nest. So, you should be careful not to fake the bird’s nest.

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